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Anti-poverty Homepage

Sandwell Anti-Poverty Action Plan 2014-2015

Version 1 May 2014

Please find below the working copy of Sandwell's Anti-Poverty Action Plan 2014-15. This document has been drafted with contributions from partner organisations.

Click the link below to open the document on PDF.

- Sandwell's Anti-Poverty Action Plan 2014-2015 v3 (working copy) (NEW!)

Child Poverty Strategy 2014-2017 - Consultation Response

Please find below the Sandwell response to the government's consultation on the Child Poverty Strategy 2014-17. This response was drafted with contributions from partners across the borough.

Click the link below to open the document on PDF.

- Child Poverty Strategy 2014-2017 - Consultation Response (NEW!)

Latest Information on Anti Poverty

The latest analysis and statistics on child poverty in Sandwell has been published. Click the link below to open the document on PDF.

- Local Child Poverty Measure 2011 - Sandwell Analysis (NEW!)

Tackling Poverty in Sandwell

Sandwell MBC has one of the highest levels of deprivation among local authorities in England (12th out of 326, Index of Multiple Deprivation 2010). It is also in the worst quartile (25%) of unitary authorities in England in terms of child poverty (ranked 24th out of 152 local authorities according to the Child Poverty Statistics August 2011).

Welfare Reform changes, the impact of economic recession and ongoing cuts to public spending continue to hit Sandwell families hard.

To account for the scale and pace of change that Sandwell is experiencing, we will soon re-launch our approach to anti-poverty.

A workshop was held on 6 February 2014 bringing together key people in Sandwell who contribute to anti-poverty measures. Delegates identified suggested actions and we are now working with partners to develop an anti-poverty action plan.

Further information will appear on this page shortly.

For data, information and intelligence on poverty and child poverty in Sandwell please contact

Dolors Medina, Senior Research Officer (Children's Services)


Tel: 0121 569 3012

For information about the approach to anti-poverty in Sandwell, please contact

Jane Alexander, Improvement and Efficiency


Tel: 0121 569 3297

Deprivation in Sandwell

The English Indices of Deprivation are the Government's official measure of multiple deprivation factors for local authorities in England.

Please see below three briefings that summarise the most recent information on deprivation in the borough (click on the link).

Deprivation Briefings

Indices of Deprivation 2010 - Local Authorities

Index of Multiple Deprivation 2010 - Sandwell Small Areas

Briefing Note 9 Indices of Deprivation 2010

Additional Documents

Indices of Deprivation 2010 - CLG Guidance

express briefing @ 8

Sandwell MBC ran an express briefing for staff on aspects of its approach to anti-poverty on 14th December 2011. This featured a thirty-minute presentation delivered by Councillor Steve Eling, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Strategic Resources, Martin Samuels, Service Director for Commissioning and Melanie Dudley, Director for Improvement and Efficiency.

This was the fourth in an ongoing series of express briefings for staff. Details of the others and planned future sessions can be found on this page.

The resources produced for the anti-poverty session are available on this page.

Key facts about poverty in Sandwell

Express briefing handout


Income distribution for families in Sandwell 2010

Animation representing income distribution in Sandwell


Annual Household Income by Ward (2006-2009)

CACI Paycheck Data - Mean and Median modelled income per household


Charted intelligence


express briefing presentation

Click on the document to view full screen. Get the presentation with speakers' notes here

Child Poverty

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